History & Timeline


Dubai Technologies' history stretches back to more than 20 years and encompasses a wide range of projects, and solutions, combining the efforts and accomplishments of hundreds of people.

But our vision to create and construct innovative solutions has been consistent from the start. Learn more about the history of Dubai Technologies by viewing this interactive timeline below.



CarShare RAC System



RAC Management System

Dubai Technologies launches Rent a Car Management System, a complete system designed for managing car rental businesses. This system specifically focusses on Online Customer Management and Rental Management & Agreements.



Smart Systems

With the release of Smart Systems Technology, Dubai Technologies' further advances on its vision to offer unique solutions to the transport sector.            


Logistics Transport Management System

Long an innovator in Fleet Management & Monitoring, Dubai Technologies' launches the Logistics Transport Management System. The system enables users improve, protect and enhance all the aspects of planning, operations, and logistics.



School Transport Management System

Dubai Technologies introduces the School Transport Management System which is in essence, an intelligent auto-monitoring agent for school transport authorities to create schedules for each vehicle. Additional features include Student/Driver identification and Attendance, Parental and Web Portal access.



Passenger Bus Transport Management System

With the aim of improving mobility for users, Dubai Technologies launches the Passenger Bus Transport Management System which focusses on intelligent transport systems as part of an integrated transport solution.



Ready Mix Transport Management System

Another success for Dubai Technologies, as we launch our Ready Mix Transport Management System. This is an extensive system that focusses on meeting the ever growing demands of the construction industry.



Waste Collection Management System

Partnering with Enevo, Dubai Technologies' begins the Waste Collection Management System for Dubai Municipality. Capitalizing on the "Internet of Things", this system is esentially about "collecting the most amount of materials in the least amount of time to reduce costs and emissions along the way." 


Cloud Based Limousine Dispatch System 

Our vision for a greener environment and improving consumer mobility further takes shape as Dubai Technologies initiates two more management systems; Waste Collection & Cloud Based Limousine Dispatch system.



Corporate Fleet Management & Monitoring (ETISALAT)

Dubai Technologies begins its prestigious project of handling Corporate Fleet Management & Monitoring for ETISALAT.  



GPS Based On-Board Fare Ticketing System (RTA)

Dubai Technologies launches yet another successful project, i.e, GPS Based On-Board Fare Ticketing System for RTA. 



Cloud Based Fleet Monitoring Solution

Dubai Technologies introduces its unique Cloud Based Fleet Monitoring Solution greatly expanding its growth potential both domestically and internationally.This  solution incorporates powerful features like Real-time and History Tracking of Vehicle,Fleet tracking, Monitoring & Management. 


2003 & 2004

SME Award Best Manufacturing (GPS/GPRS Based Products)

A very proud moment for Dubai Technologies, as we are awarded the SME Best Manufacturing Award for GPS/GPRS based products for our exceptional contribution to the UAE economy through leading-edge manufacturing technology, product innovation and notable productivity.



Limousine Dispatch System

Dubai Technologies' Limousine Dispatch System is launched, an all inclusive system that allows users to efficiently adminster all aspects of vehicle booking & dispatch management.


GPS/GPRS Web Based AVL System

Dubai Technologies also successfully initiates its GPS/GPRS Web Based AVL System, a real-time vehicle tracking system that allows users to locate the nearest available vehicle. This innovative system is designed to increase efficiency and distinctively improve employee management abilities.



Taxi System (NT/Metro)

Dubai Technologies' initial Booking and Dispatching system for National and Metro Taxi is introduced.



Public Transport Bus Fare & Passenger Information System (DM/RTA)

The very first installation of Dubai Technologies' Public Transport Bus Fare & Passenger Information System for DM/RTA takes place.