Rental & Lease

Implement and execute unique rental and dispatch solutions to simplify customer mobility and transit with state of the art technologies. Exploit highly personalized service solutions to Maximize customer satisfaction levels and improve rental and dispatch performances. Gain insight into customer needs and travel preferences to enable new levels of client satisfaction and security.

Car Rental and Leasing industry has grown to a multi-billion dollar category and has evolved to become a direct to consumer business with customers renting cars for day to day or even hourly needs. The evolving customer preferences in the Car Rental industry are due to the growth of digital and mobile technology. Technology – from the Internet, to social media, to mobile platforms – has put the consumer in control, thus forcing the Car Rental industry to strengthen its focus on customer loyalty and relationships

At DT, we help improve customer satisfaction, operations efficiency and business processes by leveraging our expertise in strategy consulting, systems integration, market analysis and business models. Our offerings for the Car Rental and Leasing industry cover the following areas:

  • Fleet Management
  • Mobility & Social Media
  • Vehicle Information Systems

Our Transportation solutions, technology and consulting benefit car rental and leasing industries by:

  • Identifying and maximizing the availability of assets and infrastructure for revenue generation
  • Improving operational efficiency
  • Increasing the agility of customer sales and service systems
  • Improving the customer's end-to-end experience
  • Assuring safety and security with less cost and impact on your customers