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Dubai Technologies' On-Premise delivery model utilizes an organization’s computing resources. After successful implementation of the software, we also provide sales integration and support services to our users. 


On-Premise delivery model as a software delivery model is installed and hosted in-house on a user’s data center and managed by their internal IT staff. On-Premise delivery models are usually purchased with a large up-front investments and requires regular service and maintenance expense from a company or user’s IT department. It, however does not require additional costs throughout the user’s ownership. As opposed to SaaS, here the customer or the end user is solely responsible for the security, availability and overall management of the on-premises software.

Although the On-premises delivery model is more expensive than SaaS or cloud hosted software, mainly because it requires in-house server hardware, capital investment in software licenses, the user’s own IT support staff and longer integration periods. However, many business and IT experts consider it a secure model, as the entire instance of software remains on the organization’s premises.

Benefits to Customers:

  • The user or organization gets to control all the systems as well as data.
  • This also means that all corporate data is stored and/or handled internally.
  • Although the Initial investment is high, it pays itself over time.
  • Organizations don’t have to worry about Third-parties handling any of their confidential data.
  • Users also have great flexibility and ease of integration.
  • Easier customization and personalization.

Suitable for:

Business enterprises that handle specialized apps with sensitive data.

Organizations with apps that require large data transfers and manipulations. 

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