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According to Charles Darwin, who formulated the theory of the evolution of the species, those who survived were not the strongest nor the fittest but rather those who best adapted to change. This also applies today to each individual, firm, country or society. The real challenge is the ability to see the signs, follow them and embrace the opportunity for change. Keeping up with change is not something with a beginning, a middle and an end since it is not a process, but rather an attitude which Smart Innovation has embraced from its earliest beginnings.


At Dubai Technologies, we believe that Innovation is the key to business success and that continuous innovation is critical for the long term success of an organization. Product life cycles are extremely short and companies need to consistently work with new innovations in order to satisfy their customers and grapple with competitors, which is why our aim to work towards combining technology and business model innovations has led to solutions that not only guarantee growth but also technological advancement. Dubai Technologies’ mission to drive innovation into products and leverage new technologies in solutions has enabled us to become one of the most sought after company in the Middle East.


Our work is based on extremely advanced and skilled technological principles.


One of the greatest innovations of SI technology is the variety of applications in different materials, products and industries.

Research and Development

Behind every solution is an intensive and rigorous research process that ensures excellent results and proven effectiveness.

Added Value

Our products bring competitiveness gains and new markets to businesses, with controlled costs and great added value.

Our In house R & D Team consistently works towards developing new ideas, methods and concepts which helps us identify and evaluate new technologies and evolve new breakthrough solutions. The challenge is to work with new technologies and unlock their potential.

Dubai Technologies is committed to adopting the best innovative practices and sustaining a profit fueled environment.

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