Ambulance Management Solution

The Abmbulance Management System is installed to monitor all important events like when the ambulance has started, reached the incident location, time of arrival to hospital, etc. As the response team gets alerted of an emergency they are able to quickly deploy the ambulance that is closest to the emergency location. In case of a breakdown of an ambulance, the driver can alert the response team through the keypad, thereby indicating the response team to plan for an alternate vehicle. With the installation of Abmbulance Management System –the EMS provider is able to reduce the response time and attend to emergencies on time.

Ambulance Services Solution

On receiving the request, the Control Center enters the necessary details in the CRM, identifying a free and feasible ambulance (wrt distance), books the ambulance, dispatches the ambulance to the said location for patient pickup, Based on the situation i.e emergency or normal, the respective police operation Centers of the Emirates are alerted & notified, of the details of the ambulance and the selected route and the destinations involved. The hospitals Involved in the booking made would also receive the details of the dispatch. The hospital making the transfer request, would also have the possibility to forward the patient details to the destined hospital. The ambulance will be notified for the route to be followed while transferring the patient, would also have CCTV for live monitoring and recording. Tabs would be also provided to update any data while in transit of the patient. The parties involved will have details of estimated time of departure from the said location to the selected location.

Business information


Applicable to Public / Government / Private Ambulance Services


Languages Supported
  • English
  • Arabic

Technical information

  • Business solution: Vehicle tracking & monitoring, booking, dispatching, Day End process, Invoicing, Expenses & Customer Feedback
  • Managed services: Enterprise; SAAS; Application hosting & support training

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