Waste Management Solution

Solution name: WasteMAN

WasteMAN from DT solves critical operations and risk reduction challenges for waste management organizations—private or public. Our Quadrant and InterFleet solutions have unique capabilities to give you—as an operator of a waste management fleet—visibility and accountability by enabling you to know in real-time that all your routes are serviced.

Data Management

  • Vehicle Management
  • Driver Management
  • Container Management
  • Customer Management

Electronic Work Order Management

  • Manage Requests, Distribution and Completion of work without the paper trail

Route and Schedule Optimization
Advanced algorithms and configurable constraints leverage system data and work orders to schedule resources effectively along the most optimal routes

  • Resource Allocation
  • Route Planning
  • Demand Forecasting
  • Shift Planning

Real-time Dispatch

  • Configurable Dispatch
  • Day-of Modifications
  • Dynamic optimization of work, routes and schedules

Driver and Vehicle Tracking & Monitoring

  • Real-time Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) and AVL Playback (Breadcrumbs)
  • Vehicle Health Monitoring
  • Geofence and Driver Behavior Alerts and Notifications

Mobile Data Collection and Communication

  • Paperless Work orders
  • Notifications
  • 2-way communication (Email/SMS Text Messaging)
  • Various Data Capture via Ruggedized Tablets, RFID Readers, etc.
  • Navigation
  • Pre- and Post Trip Inspections

Service Verification

  • Container/bin pick-up confirmation via RFID
  • Work order completion and Reconciliation
  • Billing Accuracy

Reports and Analytics

  • Productivity Monitoring
  • Performance Indicators
  • Metrics specific to service delivery – operational and individual
  • Actionable Business Intelligence

Business information

Functional Details

WasteMAN Components:

1. Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL)
Track and monitor the vehicle, collecting the telematics data in real time. Clear Visibility of vehicles and assets on a single platform.

2. WasteMAN Software (Mobile app available)
An inhouse developed customizable solution for Tracking the location of a vehicle in real-time and collecting remote telematics data.

3. Driver Identification System
Authorise the use of vehicles only by defined users. Suitable for compnaies with multiple drivers & limited vehicles.

4. Fuel Sensor
Monitor the consumption of fuel and any discripancy with ease

5. Tyre Presurre Monitoring
A safety feature which will update the staus of the pressure in the tyres remotly.

6. Weight sensors

Identify of the weight of the disposed collected based on locations.

7. Power take Off

Identify the operations when activated.

Business Problems

Customer Pain points:

  • Lack of visibility
  • Driver identification
  • Maintanace & service alerts
  • High Fuel Expenditures
  • Unathorized locations & Routes
  • Identify under utilized assets
  • Amount of waste collected
  • Location of waste collection
Business Opportunity 
Return On Investment
Competitve advantage

WasteMAN advantage are as follows:

  • Comprehensive suite of funcionality, ranaging from vehicle tracking, Waste collection information,to telemetry
  • Choice of implementation formats; Purchase or managed DT service
Applicable to all transport sectors operating for waste collection and disposing agencies
Solution Areas
 Applicable to all organizations catering to waste collection and disposal
Customer size

Small Business ( 1- 100 vehicles)

Midmarket Business (101 - 500 vehicles)

Large Business ( greater than 500) 

Languages supported
  • English
  • Arabic
Countries/regions available for distribution
  • United Arab Emirates
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Oman
  • Qatar
Available from these resellers

 1. Oman - Bishara Establishments - Located Opposite Omar Kayyam Restaurant on Al Hamber Street Tel: 26844907, Fax: 26844969

E-mail: best.sohar@bishara.com

Technical information

  • DT Tracking device
  • Dallas key/ RFID card
  • Fuel Sensor
  • Tyre Pressure monitor
  • Weight Sensors
  • PTO Switch
  • Software - WasteMAN
  • Mobile App -  WasteMAN
  • Business solution: Vehicle tracking & monitoring, Bin identification
  • Managed services:Enterprise; SAAS; Application hosting & support training

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