Dubai Police (Secure Path) - Rent A Car/ Hazardous Transport & Cash Vehicles

Solution name: DPS Securepath system

Dubai Government implemented a law Law no 24/2008 for security transport system & addendum 16 issued in 2014 for vehicle Rental, leasing & passenger transport, cash transfer, Hazardous material transport. Under which all companies operating under the said licenses have to approch authorised vendors to install tracking devices approved from Dubai Police.

Dubai technologies is an authorised vendor for providing Dubai Police approved device, installing and issuing certificate of complaiance with Dubai police rule.

Apart from standard services from Dubai Police Securepath system, additional services are provided by DT.

Business information

Rental Operation Managment
  • View of vehicles in – RAC system
  • Integration with RAC ERP/CRM system
  • Provide Hirer Details and Account Status
  • Categorization of vehicles (based on Leased, rented, custody, etc.)
  • Analysis of vehicle utilization
  • Analysis of vehicle based on Base Station Location
  • Hand held device based Vehicle Delivery, Collection & Replacement Process
  • Hand Held Device based Vehicle Check List and Car Wash Check List
  • Hand held device based yard inventory system


Vehicle Control Managment
  • Vehicle Service Alerts and Maintenance Schedule Alerts
  • Vehicle Border and restricted area entry alert
  • 24/7 Monitoring service
  • Vehicle Ignition Cut-off Service
  • Driving Behaviour Monitoring
  • Garage/Maintenance Vehicle Status Update
  • Vehicle Wash/Damage Marking Update
  • Vehicle Legal Documents Management
  • Vehicle Images and Master Data Management

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