Vehicle Rental & Lease Solution

Solution Name: RACMAN 

United Arab of Emirates is having an increasing growth in businesses engaged with Car Rental activities, Dubai Technologies developed a solution which primarily assists Rent-A-Car and similar companies to manage activities which involves renting and leasing of vehicles. 

The basic concept of this solution is a system software which has a primary functions of rental fare and agreement creation, fleet status monitoring, and financial management. All data is available real-time via web-based application known as the RAC-MAN (Rent-A-Car Management System). Information is collected from real time tracking device and allows the user to access it anytime from anywhere. 

The RAC system features involved in the process are incorporated in the following modules:

  • Booking
  • Rental Fare Management
  • Rental Agreement Management
  • Rental Status Management (Dashboard Monitoring)
  • Vehicle Status Management
  • Salik Import and Fine Import
  • Finance Management (Invoicing Process)

The solution addresses all apects of renting and booking with features such as:

  • Highly flexible, user-friendly and richly functional
  • Track and monitor 24/7
  • Clients can book reservations online from any location
  • Comprehensive fleet management features
  • Statistical reports for analysis and improvement

Business information

Functional Details

RACMAN Components:

1. Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL)

Track and monitor the vehicle, collecting the telematics data in real time. Clear Visibility of vehicles and assets on a single platform.

2. DT MDT Lite - Display (RACMAN - Mobile app)

Vehicle mounted display unit to accept and confirm job orders & support driver to navigate to destinations

3. RACMAN Software 
An inhouse developed customizable solution for vehicle booking and dispatching in real-time and collecting remote telematics data.

4. Driver Identification System (Optional)
Authorise the use of vehicles only by defined users. Suitable for companies with multiple drivers & limited vehicles.

5. Fuel Sensor (Optional)
Monitor the consumption of fuel and any discrepancy with ease

6. Tyre Presurre Monitoring (Optional)
A safety feature which will update the staus of the pressure in the tyres remotly.


Business Problems

Customer Painpoints

  • Lack of visibility
  • Dispatching and Business process automation
  • Driver identification
  • Maintanace & service alerts
  • Invoicing and expenses
  • Unathorized locations & Routes (non revenue movements)
  • Identify under utilized assets


Business Opportunity


Return on Investment


Competitve advantage


Applicable to Public, Private transport companies and car rental agencies


Solution Areas
Applicable to Public, Private transport companies and car rental agencies


Customer Size

Small Business ( 1- 100 vehicles)

Midmarket Business (101 - 500 vehicles)

Large Business ( greater than 500)


Languages Supported
  • English
  • Arabic


Countries/regions available for distribution
  • United Arab Emirates
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Oman


Available from these resellers
1. Oman - Bishara Establishments - Located Opposite Omar Kayyam Restaurant on Al Hamber Street Tel: 26844907, Fax: 26844969 E-mail:

Technical information

  • DT Tracking device
  • DT MDT Lite
  • Dallas key/ RFID card
  • Receipt Printer
  • Seat Sensor
  • Fuel Sensor
  • Tyre Pressure monitor
  • Software - RACMAN
  • Mobile App -  RACMAN
  • Business solution: Vehicle tracking & monitoring, booking, dispatching, Day End process, Invoicing, Expenses & Customer Feedback
  • Managed services:Enterprise; SAAS; Application hosting & support training.

Contact information:

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