School Bus Management Solution

Solution name: BusMAN

DT with its technology and domain expertise continuously upgrades the system to comply with the regulatory requirements. In accordance with the guidelines of school and transport authorities (MOI, ESMA, and ADEC), the company has integrated services into a one-stop-shop solution for authorities, schools, transportation providers and parents.

The new upgrade of STMan addresses all the aspects of school transport. It consists of:

  • GPS/GPRS monitoring system
  • MDVR/CCTV with online monitoring and storage capability
  • Reverse view system for drivers
  • Driver and attendant monitoring
  • Driver behaviour monitoring such as harsh braking, overspeeding, harsh cornering, etc, including driver profiling
  • RFID-based student attendance and alert system to school and parents
  • Route scheduling, route monitoring including pick up and drop points management (stop points)
  • Smart application for schools and parents to monitor and receive alerts of bus ETA and status
  • Vehicle condition checklist that includes tyre pressure check, light check, empty bus verification (last seat check)
  • Vehicle service updates and maintenance alerts including registration, permits and stop sign alerts.

The solution provides an intelligent auto-monitoring agent for school transport to create schedules for each vehicle with their routes, stops and respective students in the route. The system will ensure adherence of vehicle routes in accordance with the schedule and alerts/escalate violations that ensure a technology eye over the entire operations.

DT also offers a complete managed service for recorded video data from MDVR and provides reliable storage services as per the authority’s requirements that simplify complex technology requirements for schools and transport providers.

Business information


Business Opportunity
  1. Real Time monitoring of vehicle
  2. Student Identification and monitoring
  3. Vehicle safety check list
  4. Government Regulations


Return on investment

Benefits to Schools:

  • All the features available for Parents access
  • Bus Routes & Stops Monitoring
  • Students check-IN & check-OUT alerts
  • CCTV Surveillance on the bus
  • Exception Alerts on missed check-IN/OUT
  • Left-out students in the bus or School if any
  • Driver Behavior Monitoring
  • Students activities in the bus
  • Bus Scheduling and Monitoring
  • Students Safety Ensured

Benifits to parents:

  • SMS Notifications for Arriving, departing, Attendance Checking
  • Smart Applications Access
  • Web Portal Access
  • Student Safety Ensured



Unique Advantage
BusMAN is a unique in house developed solution with capability of being customized and integrated with existing ERP system as per the requirements. Telemetric reports can be downloaded or scheduled for delivery.


Schools, acadamic institutions, Sports and recreational facility


  • English
  • Arabic


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