Corporate Bus Management Solution

Solution name: BusMAN

DT with its technology and domain expertise continuously upgrades the system providing the best services to the corporate/private passenger transport

The solution addresses all the aspects of corporate transport such as:

  • Standard Live & History Bus Tracking on the Map
  • Corporate Bus Lease/Rental Contract Management
  • Vehicle Daily Expenses Details
  • Vehicle Accident Management
  • Multiple Voucher Creation & Invoicing
  • Vehicle Services & Fines Details
  • Route Creation and Monitoring
  • Passenger Identification & Attendance
  • SMS Notifications and Alert Management

Business information


Business Opportunity
  1. Real Time monitoring of vehicle
  2. Vehicle safety check list
  3. Government Regulations


Return on investment


  • Bus Routes & Stops Monitoring
  • Driver Behavior Monitoring
  • Bus Scheduling and Monitoring
  • Web Portal Access


Unique Advantage
BusMAN is a unique in house developed solution with capability of being customized and integrated with existing ERP system as per the requirements. Telemetric reports can be downloaded or scheduled for delivery.


Applicable to Corporate and Public bus transport companies.


  • English
  • Arabic

Technical information

  • Business solution: Vehicle tracking & monitoring, booking, dispatching, Day End process, Invoicing, Expenses & Customer Feedback.
  • Managed services:Enterprise; SAAS; Application hosting & support training.


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