Yard Management System

Solution name: Yard Management

This solution addresses all the aspects of collection and delivery of vehicles, industrial equipments, assets from a yard or a storage area. The application is built on an android platform, with capability to be modified or integrated as required.

All items are barcoded (Barcode can be replaced with RFID tags) with detailed information in the system. The application via the PDA has a barcode/RF reader and inspection update facility. While collection or delivery of the asset, details are to be updated in the PDA via the security (inspection location geo tagging possible). All information is transmitted via 3G to the main Data-center/Operation's where the inventory in yard along with collection & delivery information can be accessed.


Business information

Functional Details

Components of Job Management

1. Rugged PDA - Industrial Grade

PDA from renowned suppliers with 3G and latest connectivity options

2. Job Management application

Manage inspection, apart from delivery and collection updates with geo taging capability.

 3. Barcode/RFID Tag

Assets are tagged and information is collected and updated in the system


Business Problems
  • Identification of assets on a single platform with location of their storage details
  • Inventory management
  • delivery and collection related inspection and confirmation


Business Opportunity
  • Identification of asset inventory at yard
  • Pinpoint under and over utilised inventory - Support maintanance, purchase, allotment


Return on investment
  • Identify and hold the party responsible for damage of asset
  • Identify and minimise purchases based on the inventory
  • Valuable usage data in terms of sector operating


Competitive advantage

Valuable data in terms of Assets to purchase, allot, and requirement


All industries  which holds large volume of assets; which rent out equipments on lease or rent.


Solution Areas
Companies which rent or lease out equipments


Customer Size

Small Business ( 1- 100 vehicles)

Midmarket Business (101 - 500 vehicles)

Large Business ( greater than 500)


Languages supported
  • English
  • Arabic


Countries/regions available for distribution
  • United Arab Emirates
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Oman
  • Qatar


Available from these resellers
 1. Oman - Bishara Establishments - Located Opposite Omar Kayyam Restaurant on Al Hamber Street Tel: 26844907, Fax: 26844969 E-mail: best.sohar@bishara.com

Technical information

  • PDA tablet
  • RFID TAG/Barcode



Software - PDA

Software - Yard Management

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