Next Generation Telematics

We are living in the age of information. From vehicle tracking and monitoring measures, telematics has moved past simple tracking solutions towards superior vehicle maintenance and fleet management. Vehicle telematics is the blending of wireless technology with in-built vehicular systems, thereby integrating the automobile into the information & technological age.

At Dubai Technologies, we are working towards creating smart mobility solutions that contribute towards a greener, happier environment. ‘Next generation telematics’ goes much further than simple vehicle tracking, it encompasses a wide range of vehicular functions:

  • Vehicle safety
  • Fuel management
  • Real-time vehicle information
  • Analyzing vehicle and driver performance
  • Administering driving behaviors
  • Dispatching and booking
  • Providing feedback to drivers and managers

Dubai Technologies believes in considering the future of vehicles, communities and people. We envision a smart mobile society where our solutions will transform fleet management policies and enhance vehicle and driver safety. Next generation telematics can help communicate with navigational systems and monitor everything from fuel consumption to vehicle location, helping consumers save fuel and make driving safer.

As the internet of things multiplies, the potential for vehicle telematics is only going to improve and expand. When applied to sensors, big data and logistics management, telematics has the potential to evolve things that will go beyond our comprehension.